Rubin Shambhala

To my Dharma and spiritual seeker family who are now questioning Gurus, what is real and how to move forward.

I love you all still
some teachers and their
minions hurt many,
if not all of us
men women and children
in very deep ways.
Spiritual criminality
is the gravest of crimes.

Our vows to our
unconditioned hearts
are not a curse.

Absolute power corrupts
they never really truly
cared about us,
never wanted or could hold
the burden
I’m sorry to say
it was a one way take.

We now have degraded
into battle
where does the Kingdom lie,
in a deified man or woman?

I say it’s within us.
Spiritual codependency
keeps us unwell.
Salvage what we can
evolve like a phoenix
into a better day forward.

We must look within
to the voice
of our ethical hearts
and trust ourselves.

That’s what the Buddha wanted
there we will,
for the first time see


the real hidden
magical kingdom
and know what to do.

All of these many words now
range from blistering rage to
longing and
waning devotion
all suggest the powerful
voice of an
overdue revolution,
an inner sun
where we all
are growing up

A life not owned by
any one or any culture,
it hurts I know
growing pains always do.

Sloughing off old
comfortable skins,
and I have still so
very much faith in us.

Photo by Thierry Ollivier/RMN-Grand Palais/Art Resource, NY
Kingdom of Shambhala and the Final Battle, Mongolia, nineteenth century

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