Her eyes lift to the still sky
blurred through vitreous fluid tears
eye floaters she was told once to revere
clear and refracted rainbow seeds

wondering if there was any
divinity left to hear her prayer
beckoning only
unresponsive silence

searing steam of words leak
through these electronic cracks
great passion suggesting
molten volcano eruption
creation and destruction
rumbles alive underneath

she could taste
with the tip of her heart tongue
as a fur mother washes her child behind it’s ear
a bearing of a forgiveness
par with no less than the deep
cavern womb of
matron earth itself

will she die with a censored love
more vast
than she
had ever-before known?

Could it really be that
life broke him
so far beyond love
that the callouses
have armored the self made
prison walls of his exiled


Living beings are seen
as only fodder, prey
to be captured, devoured and discarded?

A black hole of sordid insatiability
draws only in and offers nothing back
upholding the architecture
of his damaged esteem.

It was all true.

The reflecting mirror of her heart sky
saw it all, as it was
without alteration
and she loved him
as a friend
as a sibling
as a child
as a mother
as her Self

just as He was
a deep in-breath of mourning gray mist
unmoving quiet
before all
beyond sacred and profane.

banging behind a screen
they had heard all of this before
insipid psycho-theory

but now knew
in the most quiet
reticent alone
instinct of knowing

the only real way out
was a tiny tear in the fabric
the distant light of liberation
almost perceptible

she saw it all
and knew the path

exceedingly dangerous
tiny soft paper thin bodies
getting scraped by metal fragments
but wholly worthwhile

he could not hide from her
for she was the same breed
as him
he met his perfectly crafted
she match
correctly aged
trying to convince himself of
comfort behind the mesh

in the farthest polarity of
love and hate
desire and fear
pious and pathological
sordid and sublime

trauma and triumph
cruel, callous and yet,
sincerely kind

can deep disorientation
be wiped away
with one mere gesture?

however irrational
she loved him anyway


means just that
the type of love
only one other could ever offer
coming closer now
one chance

he could take her wing
two intermittent flames
bravely forging forward
or recede, dimming again

wait to see
they could indeed
never forget
she would find her way out
or without him