Meet me in the
realm of truth,
the vastness of
the shaman.

The stars and sky
of manifestation
in-between nihilism
and religion’s false
promise of some
continuity of the self.

We awaken from the
opiate of the masses.

In our raw,
we take nothing
for granted
we make every
single precious
passing moment

Crafting compassion,
a legacy of
having helped
and all harm
healed and corrected.

We no longer offer
our very living spirit
to paltry
electronic addiction.

We awaken from the
opiate of the masses.

It’s time to live now

A fleeting life
of warm color and
dense light body


Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

At a certain stage
later in life
you just want someone
who feels like home

to see who you are
to dig your trite beat poems
and your impassioned politics
your mind
and your heart

just as it is
just as you are
just as they are

what a rare gift to be
finally seen
for once,
before it’s over!

Nothing needed to
be altered

and to see the very
same in them

defines love

it may not be safe
it may be holy impractical

both sacred and profane
fucked up and familial
beyond any trace pretense.

Can one know
a love
could we dare
to be loved
just for who we are?

This to me
now in value,
exceeds and
divine promise.

Image Courtesy of Seiji Mamiya