If You Are Feeling Sad…

If you are feeling sad, you are not in a ‘low vibration’.
You are not sick or broken or unenlightened or far from healing.
You are not ‘trapped in your ego’ or stuck in the ‘separate self’.
You are not being negative, and you don’t need to be fixed, and sadness is not a mistake, because it’s life moving in you, and life can’t be a mistake, ever.
You are just feeling sad, that’s all.
It’s a feeling state playing out on the vibrantly alive movie screen of presence, that’s all.
It’s not a problem that requires a solution or a band-aid. It’s a sacred and precious part of you longing for love, acceptance, embrace, rest.
You’ve been blessed by sadness today; you’ve been chosen as her home; don’t run away from such a truly precious visitor.
Both Jeff and I are going through really intense and personal things, but so happy to hear his rare, raw, gentle heart voice again. I love you so Jeff, a solace of warmth without pretense, without center~
Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels