lotus auspicious symbol

Lotus Flower Gouache on Canvas by Dawn Boiani 1994 Digital Art Hybrid

see detail: https://boulderreiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/lotus-auspicious-symbol-1538×2048.jpg

No mud, no lotus.

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower is a great auspicious symbol whose meaning everyone should comprehend. The Lotus Flower begins to grow at the very roots of the lotus plant that is usually submerged in the mud. Then, it slowly rises out of the mud or the muddy water as an awesome flower that is worth looking at. How it grows provides us with a great lesson in life. Behind its tantalizing beauty lies those struggling to rise above the difficulties and hardships of life. Thus, it gives us a valuable lesson that we should never be bogged down by difficulties and hardships. Instead, we should rise above those trials in order to blossom into a fully-grown and wonderful person.

In a way, the Lotus Flower in Buddhism signifies purity and renunciation. It is the epitome of how a person can attain full spiritual blossoming through trials and difficulties. It also signifies a complete break from the cyclic existence or karma that usually besets a person. In many Buddhist temples and altars in Tibet, you will often see the image of the Buddha seated over a blossoming lotus flower.

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