Welcome to a new, positive way of thinking about anxiety. This is a very common problem that most of us experience at some time or other in each of our lives, and it’s not a disorder, illness or psychiatric disease. Anxiety is a normal brain responding in a very common way to the experiences it has had. It is very important to understand that you are not broken and you do not have a “disorder” that has to be “fixed.” You have some brain circuits that developed outside of your conscious awareness due to certain causes and conditions, and we can calm and correct these temporary imbalances. Here are many simple to use, but holistic, whole person steps I have personally used to “reel in” anxiety when in rears-

How I recovered from insomnia and acute anxiety in just 5 days!

How It Happened I volunteer in state politics. It was the night that insurrectionists stormed the Capitol in D.C. I have friends that I love and care for that work there and the fear hit my system really hard. I was doing a solitary retreat and a cleansing new years’s juice fast, which makes you […]

Simple Steps to Overcome Anxiety in Our Troubled Times

If I can quote Al Gore “every day when you turn on the news, it’s like a page from the Book of Revelations.” If we aren’t sad and anxious a bit now, there might be something dampened with our sensitivity! However, I’m living proof that the old that adage is true that “the darkest hour […]

Six Simple Daily Steps for Happiness!

You know, I happen to be Buddhist, but one with an inquisitive mind. We have what we know as the Buddha’s First Noble Truth and that is: “Life is Suffering.” However, it’s a misnomer to just stop there and concede to a life of misery. I think a lot of students and even some teachers […]

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