Dearest Friends and Blog Followers-

If you’ve come to visit me in the past a few weeks, you see that we’ve been busy working on updating our newly improved website! I wanted to offer to support some of our local Reiki healing and spiritual supply stores and artisans here in Colorado. You notice that I’m beginning to offer some more products to enhance our spiritual practice like gongs from Nepal and incense from Shoyeido, (Bhutanese coming soon) and some mala beads that I make here in Boulder and in Crestone. I’ll be adding more and more select offerings next few weeks and thank you all for your kind support!

Any of you that might *really* follow me, you will know that I’ve been a pretty ardent and outspoken voice in the awakening movement that is reevaluating our ever-evolving spiritual path, unhealthy spiritual codependency with our Gurus, and one of the voices of both anguish and yet hope for our future. So I decided to separate these two websites, republish and dust off my old ancient blog, which focuses in on: my poetry of love, loss and unrequited love, my lengthy and evocative and sometimes pretty deeply dark, subterranean discussions about spiritual corruption and all of the many years of newly published sacred drawings and Tibetan Thangka paintings… all-in-one place! If you feel so inclined I would so love for you to follow my personal blog as well.

I still will write regular posts on about different healing modalities, wellness, yogas, vegetarian recipes and tools for awakening, so please do continue to visit often. Your feedback and comments are always warmly welcome!

If you perchance don’t follow my personal blog but you’re curious about any type of juicy new posts- you can always look to the lower left of and you’ll see the RSS feed of our current articles.

See you in the heart of cyberspace!

With Love All Ways,


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