A Love Letter To My Dharma Friends:

If your spiritual teacher
is or was
a bully
mentally ill
an alcoholic
sleeps with anyone
and everyone
uses violence
threats of hell
takes vengeance
out on his or her students
and your very heart and spirit
breaks, broke or is still breaking

you are not at fault

you are not a samaya breaker
it’s not your fault
if did you not examine
them long enough
no one karmically
deserves abuse ever

dear friends
brothers and sisters
with wounded hearts
and mending spirits

I love you so
I feel your pain
longing and

culture and times

let’s co-wake up
and heal this


Photo by Joey Kyber from Pexels
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  1. Dawn Boiani-Sandberg
    Dawn Boiani-Sandberg says:

    “Cruelty and cultural ignorance I believe, was never intended when the Buddha reportedly gave such and open and precious transmission in the secret-fourth moment of the third turning. These men co-opted this and institutionalized it and their built up this Vatican like gold-gilded culture that is just not the dharma, we’ve misconstrued the essence for the form.”



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