blade of grass

my blonde daughter’s pale white cheek
the morning snowflakes melt in her hair
so few years with us,
she anticipates a rare
snow day with joy

green blue planet
goes silent
will we become
to space
a mere memory
of what once was

remembered by
no one
metal satellite waste in orbit
circles eternally
a voyager time capsule
a testament to us
having once been here
now silent

earth dry crusted sand
she’s gone
why didn’t I try anything to stop it
our ability to destroy all in
6 hours or a slow suffocating
carbon cloud moving coup d’état

power that exceeds us evolving
past our base volatility
we can feel in our marrow,
the quiet echo of our end

but somewhere right now
there is hope
that we can change
the trajectory of our fate
and as long as there is
one green blade of grass alive

there is hope
and I for one
believe in the possibility of our reason
and conscience
and will with almost every utterance

call out
the closed covert cruelty

anywhere, everywhere

that does not represent
the best within us

and disrupt our momentum toward destruction
it now starts with electronic words of light
one text, tweet, email or blog post to another
thoughts shoot all around the world in less than a

modern warfare, modern peace

with influence
we can change
and evolve and grow
with genuine love
and seeing what is
our commonality

our wisdom
is stronger than our hate
I will not as a coward
veil my love in fear
and wait to die
even if I’m not liked
and in the USA, even shot

I will protest at the very center’s gilded Capitols
to each utterance of influence
in every facet of religion,
politics and every secular corner
until we relearn, reignite
the root of human warmth
it’s not negotiable~
for her

with my last exhalation
whenever or wherever that may be
whatever is within me
it will be love.

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