dakini script

petals of pinecones
opened by thunder struck
forest fire ending of time

seed in center of tongue
spits blessings
dense brocade in space
crafts nebulas to noses eternally
no origin point

a pineapple dries itself
in the desert
his cheek on mine
no more bosom center block

i can i know one day
pecha paper tearing in corner
on it’s way again to oscillating light
never left her
no element
i can almost press my finger through it

oh love oh love
now no one sees clearly
ghost in an empty
home frightens nobody

faux madness bears ultimate upaya sanity
yes love, impartial chest burst

turtle’s hard protective shell cracked
soft belly upside down
no thing more to hide from her
she is too
soft and so very gentle

an opalescent seashell to the ear
drowns into the roar
of deep inner tinnitus
the 100 peaceful and wrathful
chorus resounds

i accept the nature of blinding
friends and lover Buddhas all
vacuity behind the eyes
i revere all non-arising

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