“It was not witches who burned.
It was women.
Women who were seen as
Too beautiful
Too outspoken
Had too much water in the well (yes, seriously)
Who had a birthmark
Women who were too skilled with herbal medicine
Too loud
Too quiet
Too much red in her hair
Women who had a strong nature connection
Women who danced
Women who sung
or anything else, really.
Sisters testified and turned on each other when their babies were held under ice.
Children were tortured to confess their experiences with “witches” by being fake executed in ovens.
Women were held under water and if they float, they were guilty and executed.
If they sunk and drowned they were innocent.
Women were thrown off cliffs.
Women were put in deep holes in the ground.
The start of this madness was years of famine, war between religions and lots of fear. The churches said that witches, demons and the devil did exist and women were nothing but trouble. As we see even today, there is often a scapegoat created. Everything connected to a women became feared, especially her sexuality. It became labeled as dark and dangerous and was the core of the witch trials through out the world.
Why do I write this?
Because I think the usage of words are important, especially when we are doing the work to pull these murky, repressed and forgotten about stories to the surface. Because knowing our history is important when we are building the new world. When we are doing the healing work of our lineages and as women. To give the women who were slaughtered a voice, to give them redress and a chance of peace.
It was not witches who burned.
It was women.”


This was posted on Facebook by a few dharma sisters.

This projection of the need for power, control, misogyny and fear that sadly exists in men’s shadow is still alive and well in 2021, worldwide. We have made little progress, but some and with hope, burgeoning. Old cultural habits are hard to break. They still call us “witches, demons, nagas, vow breakers, harmers,” afraid of our heart, love and creative potential. I bow to the dormant strength and power of my sisters, who were never “witches,” who only tried to be authentic, ethical, raw, heal, love and protect themselves and their children. May their heart’s aspirations, someday soon, flourish. #GoddessRising

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  1. Dawn Lhamo
    Dawn Lhamo says:

    You know, begging, pleading for care, ethics and integrity to people immersed in the obscurity of cult think and religious “magical thinking” is like us begging for GOP Texans to wear masks to protect each other and save lives-

    I guess we all have deep, unwavering reasons why we need the “freedom” to harm others with impunity. National civil rights/ freedom of religion- I gather.


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