My life
is mine and only mine

as my fertile Mother Earth
gave it to me
and the sky of
unhindered possibilities

I will live it by listening
to nothing else
but my heart’s truth

I will not be judged or defamed
by someone who escapes
to a Tuff Shed
or dictated and defined
by some dead gurus
or controlled by some dated
cult-culture community.

So very many people
when they pass
have only one regret

they say that they did not listen
to the longing in their heart

and lived in a small and
constricted way
based on societal norms
and fear limitations

but today…
I VOW to take back my life

and I will be free

and I will listen to nothing
and no one else other than
the loud un-muffled truth of
my heart’s voice

and let no defamation or judgment
or previous mind prison bars
control me for one more day.

I vow to bind to
the living loving heart
that I trust to shine a light
to create a path forward
of color and care

my kin, my mothers
sisters of wombmen before
silenced and subverted by
men who feared us
we had so few choices
I avenge your gentle
loving grace

and travel just maybe
barefoot along a flowered path
where no man
has yet touched

today is a new womb birth
of she freedom,

I found my heart joy tears.


Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels
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