ah thigle


New Love, elation, hope
You see the face of the beloved in your partner
Everyone and everything seems pure
brighter, more sensuous and alive
your being
body, speech and mind
are wide open
warmth radiates~

but it happens very quickly, undetectably, insidiously
at first subtle and then overt…
that you will lose them
that which inspired you to feel that way~
and attachment ensues.

What you have done is projected all
of the openness that self exists within you
your natural state
onto the face of your lover
and then you have no choice but to feel
fearful, depleted and afraid.

What is the mistake?
ok here it is…
When we fall in love
there is nothing at all that magically enters us
and makes us feel this chemical high
openness and union
the person is merely a prop, a projection
we did it all within ourselves~

and if that’s that case,
It’s logical to surmise that that feeling of being in love
can occur within us
and not be dependent on any gross external stimuli.

In Tantra, we secretly talk about bliss
and subtle life force essences.

Our natural state of our mind, heart and subtle
channels is: open, warm, blissful
It gets covered by thought, speed and years of patterning.
This reconnection is what we long for
the basis of being in love
the basis of
Guru Devotion,
the impetus of the entire
spiritual path.

When we project that which is occurring within us
onto another
our subtle life force energy of bliss
becomes diminished
and we feel “love sick”~
The songs of countless troubadours,
wars fought and lives lost~
all for love.

We make a mistake.
Nothing came into us
Being in love is not dependent
on the object of inspiration
it is self existing within us
our natural state,
not a chemical alteration.

How to liberate?
Reel in the projection
Correct the misperception.
Know that we already are
capable of feeling joy
and union and bliss
just alone~
Never make the mistake of ascribing our warmth
to another again.

If we forget, just take a long, deep breath
of space and
let it fill us up
that’s all we need.

Love all beings
and every moment
from there,
no need for cyber Likes,
confirmation or even a
gross lover
we are already and have always
been in union.

Completely feel what we have temporally forgotten~
all longing subsides.
You are not the reason why I feel in love
you cannot increase or decrease my warmth
it’s all happening inside of me
just me
and no less than,
the whole universe. <3

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