We all know all too well that life brings us unexpected and painful surprises, ups and down and inconsolable losses. Our fight or flight chemistry responds by flooding our brain with hormones which cause varied emotional responses, throughout our days, weeks, years and lifetime, right up until the last moment. Assessing, being connected to our emotions, allows us gain control over them can make life’s natural problems seem much smoother and endurable. People can access the powerful, transformative tools of a spiritual or yogic practice, grounding breath-work or mindfulness, while others prefer to journal, or share with friends and family. The more “in-sync” we are with ourselves, the greater we can cultivate our emotional intelligence or E.Q., and thus the potential for the happiest life possible. Many studies say that having a high E.Q. is more correlated to happiness and success, even more than one’s profession or education.


Engaging your brain is vital for good overall health. Many times, personal advancement and community activities are the best way to help keep your brain engaged and learning new things. It strengthens us to use critical thinking, stimulating curiosity, problem solving, and creativity. We can take online classes, many are free, debate, learn a new language, shut down the internet and read an interesting book. Intellectual well-being isn’t confined to a classroom, each moment is a growth and learning opportunity.

Enjoy a 5 minute guided meditation with affirmations to rediscover our inner strength.

Recorded by a noted Master Hypnotist, certified with the National Guild Of Hypnotists and the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists