The absence or mitigation of illness is an integral part of well-being, but that’s only the beginning. To be physically healthful, a person should also ensure they are: stretching, walking, exercising, sleeping well and taking good care of our bodies. Nutrition is connected to physical well-being. A person’s nutrition should be customized based on their age, activity level, along with other factors, so we should meal plan carefully and even consider using supportive free apps for suggestions, consumption and recipes. Sadly, the vast majority of adults don’t consume the recommended number of vegetables and fruits every day, nor correct dietary ratios, which may rob the body of nutrients and greatly effect our quality of life. Nourishment give our bodies the energy to function and are integral to our happiness, and should be a #1 priority. Try the free amazing app: MyFitnessPal.

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    Many of us gained weight during our Covid isolation, I’ve heard it called tongue in cheek the “Covid 19” meaning many gained just about 19lbs! I have compiled a scientifically proven weight loss plan that is healthy, simple and sustainable that I have used myself. It was recommended to me by other moms […]

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Treat your body to an infusion of nutrient density and energy! Here are my favorite organic juice cleanse recipes that make for a rejuvenating cleanse and a complete body reset. I am a big fan of juice fasting, and my body simply loves it! The body has a natural ability to rejuvenate and heal itself, […]

What Is a Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet? A whole foods, plant based diet uses plant sourced whole foods and avoids animal products. The plant based diet isn’t necessarily a set diet, it’s more of a lifestyle. We consume whole, minimally processed foods, and limit or avoid most animal products. We focus on plants, such […]